Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Ug, I am still packaging up prizes and sending them out and the bulk of the stuff will be mailed out to Spruce Run this week. I wanted to hand deliver the goods but was unable to meet with someone because I seem to have been visited by the car-killing gnomes, again. I did talk to the Volunteer Coordinator there, though, and she was very excited and grateful. Thanks so much for helping us pull this off. When we spoke, there was some mention of doing something like this again next year for the holidays as they have a 'Santa' program for the kidlets there. I'm thinking maybe in October I will start up another drive for both hats and toys. Some of you sent in some really nice hand-knit toys and bears with sweaters! Ah....we did good.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the precious update

Ya'll are awesome! I have some 50+ things so far and a few packages still left to open. Also, I have prize updates. REady?

If you knit something, you'll get something. I had so many generous donations of prizes and such an awful time trying to live with the random drawing thing that I decided to break into the ole stash and make sure everyone got something. If you don't receive a package from me within 2 wks., you can hate me for it - but I'd rather you blame the postal service.

Haven't sent your stuff in yet? Don't worry. I will keep sending stuff on to Spruce Run through the end of the month. After that, if I receive a few stragglers, I'll likely throw them in with my Feb. shipment of Dulaan items. Again, thanks so much and I really hope to do something like this again, soon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good people

No updated prize list but ya'll should know you are overwhelming my postal lady with your kind knitterly hearts! I will take the first load of stuff up to Spruce Run next WEdnesday so please don't hesitate to send stuff out if you're like me and you've just not gotten around to it. Again, thanks so much and I WILL update....soon.....promise.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Whose drive?

Again, my 'to-do' list entailed updating prize lists and wrapping up bidness here on the blog. Nature, however, has frantically done the spittle dance all over my list. Go to the blog if you want the gory details but, I'm up to my ears in lamby birth stuff so I'll try again at this organization thing tomorrow.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Deadlines, schmeadlines!

I'm behind on last week's prize drawings, behind on posts, and behind on knitting due to the doom of a flu that I'm dancing with. So, if you are considering sitting out the drive because you can't get your stuff here by the 15th, please don't. I'll probably be a week late getting the stuff to Spruce Run so, please, oh please, keep em coming. Ya'll are positively awesome. I'm amazed at the great work and total generosity of you knitters. When I first started this thing, being my first knitting for charity endeavor, I was really nervous. Would anyone knit anything? Would ya'll get fed up with my total disorginazation and send me fart bombs? No, thankfully, no. You are beautiful people.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Keep em coming!

Ya'll are awesome! Hats are coming in steady, now, and all I can say is, keep them coming! I will make my first drop off mid month but will also be making a late January drop-off for any stragglers as well. Prize announcements are coming but would do so much quicker if we could get some sun on the solar panels. Urgh. Usually we are deep in crusty snow by this time but, so far all we've got is a nice, slick sheet of ice on the dark brown ground. On second thought, though, have you ever looked at the ground through a thick layer of good, clear (meaning no one has salted this pathway) ice? I've been doing my share of that this week and I may be writing a thesis on that and the art of falling like you really meant it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

the Prized Rules

PICT0011Well, I seem to be remaining true to my scatter-brained self with just organizing the prizes and all. We have until the 15 of January and I easily have enough prizes for two random drawings a week plus some 'special' giveaways. Such as, first package received, which will be going to Elisabeth in NJ. If you are a spinner, please note that somewhere as I have roving, stitch markers, yarn, and knitting needles (wooden, handmade by hubster) to give away. The prizes for last week, and much deserved for the lovely handspun, knitted hats and toys she sent along, goes to Liz and Shanti from way down in Texas (and the exact city I was born in - insert 'spooky' hollering here). Thanks so much for all the hats sent and the ones I have been too busy to open just yet!