Sunday, December 24, 2006

the Prized Rules

PICT0011Well, I seem to be remaining true to my scatter-brained self with just organizing the prizes and all. We have until the 15 of January and I easily have enough prizes for two random drawings a week plus some 'special' giveaways. Such as, first package received, which will be going to Elisabeth in NJ. If you are a spinner, please note that somewhere as I have roving, stitch markers, yarn, and knitting needles (wooden, handmade by hubster) to give away. The prizes for last week, and much deserved for the lovely handspun, knitted hats and toys she sent along, goes to Liz and Shanti from way down in Texas (and the exact city I was born in - insert 'spooky' hollering here). Thanks so much for all the hats sent and the ones I have been too busy to open just yet!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome, Welcome!

In true fashion of being my usual chaotic self, I'm just getting around to updating the list of knitters working hard and gifter giving prizes. If you've emailed me about donating a prize and i've not emailed you back - please try me again because it is mostly possible that I'm suffering from HUDA (aka head up get the idea). So, welcome knitters! And prize gifters! and I'm going to try to put some pattern links up soon. So far hats are looking like the main item and that is perfect because here in Maine, I think it should be mandatory that kids wear something to protect their brains from freezing. I might be on to something here! As I said before, it doesn't matter if it is washable, just please put a note on the item if it isn't telling the new owner (or, likely, owner's parent) how to clean it. Thanks so much, and please tell everyone you can!

Oh, also in answer to a question - store bought, CLEAN stuffed animals with hand-knit accessories are definitely appreciated! Really, ya'll, these kids are leaving their homes and staying in battered women's shelters - they could use all kinds of smiles and warm hugs.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting there!

Mmkay. Last week MUST have been a test of endurance and, I hope I passed or that whatever the family is slipping into my juice today keeps on coming! I have figured out (finally) how to post a list of knitters. If you're not on it, please leave me another comment with your blog url and info or just your name, email, and state so that you will be in the drawing for prizes. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll have prize donors listed as well. Hats, scarves, mittens, toys, knitted items for kids who are in total limbo are much appreicated. Your items do not need to be machine washable, just please include a note on the item ihdicating if it should be hand-washed. All donations should go to: P.O. Box 12, Detroit, Maine 04929. The cut-off date is Jan. 15th but I am more thank likely to hold off another week before delivering the goods in hope that more will be coming. Great prizes are on the horizon and i am not above bribery to get ya'll knitting!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Thanks for all the emails and comments and volunteers for both gifty prizes and knitted things. I'll be working on a list of participants soon, not today because I have a kidlet of my own who isn't feeling too good. Maybe tomorrow. until then, the address listed before is still a good one and here's a few more details:

This drive will end Jan. 15th but I'm not too stiff about it so if you have something to send after, just let me know. I chose to avoid the Christmas gift drive because a) it is short notice and most knitters, like myself, are already up to their eyeballs in Christmas knitting and b) because other charities usually cover these kids with Santa stuff. What I'm looking for are hats, mittens, scarves, and knitted toys for the little critters who have to leave their homes under certain distress and are often without cold weather wears or a wee bear to hug through the night. Since kids come 0-18, that is the age group I'm looking for - anything is appreciated. Now, the soup is hot, the tea is on, and i hear a distant bell calling for me.....

Friday, December 1, 2006

Dig In

Okay, primitive as it may be, here goes the Knit for Kidlets blog. Seeing as how I've received mostly offers (though very generous and definitely welcomed) for prizes, it may be bold of me to overshoot my goal already but, if you didn't know that - then you don't know me, heh? I mean to say that this drive is primarily to provide knit hats, toys, scarves, mittens, etc. items for kids of any age to be given to children entering the domestic violence shelters and transitional housing in our area. However, should ya'll get over the holidays and get some madly rampant knit on - I will take any such crazy amounts of knitting to the local long-term hospital facilities for kidlets there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the generous offers of gifts for giveaways so far. I am still deciding how the prizes will be distributed. Some will be a drawing but I also would like to do some for 'particulars' like, first item donated, etc. If you've already left me a comment for donating a prize or item, you will be added to the list in (hopefully) a short amount of time. Until then, eager knitters can send their items to P.O. Box 12, Detroit Maine 04929.