Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Thanks for all the emails and comments and volunteers for both gifty prizes and knitted things. I'll be working on a list of participants soon, not today because I have a kidlet of my own who isn't feeling too good. Maybe tomorrow. until then, the address listed before is still a good one and here's a few more details:

This drive will end Jan. 15th but I'm not too stiff about it so if you have something to send after, just let me know. I chose to avoid the Christmas gift drive because a) it is short notice and most knitters, like myself, are already up to their eyeballs in Christmas knitting and b) because other charities usually cover these kids with Santa stuff. What I'm looking for are hats, mittens, scarves, and knitted toys for the little critters who have to leave their homes under certain distress and are often without cold weather wears or a wee bear to hug through the night. Since kids come 0-18, that is the age group I'm looking for - anything is appreciated. Now, the soup is hot, the tea is on, and i hear a distant bell calling for me.....

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