Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome, Welcome!

In true fashion of being my usual chaotic self, I'm just getting around to updating the list of knitters working hard and gifter giving prizes. If you've emailed me about donating a prize and i've not emailed you back - please try me again because it is mostly possible that I'm suffering from HUDA (aka head up get the idea). So, welcome knitters! And prize gifters! and I'm going to try to put some pattern links up soon. So far hats are looking like the main item and that is perfect because here in Maine, I think it should be mandatory that kids wear something to protect their brains from freezing. I might be on to something here! As I said before, it doesn't matter if it is washable, just please put a note on the item if it isn't telling the new owner (or, likely, owner's parent) how to clean it. Thanks so much, and please tell everyone you can!

Oh, also in answer to a question - store bought, CLEAN stuffed animals with hand-knit accessories are definitely appreciated! Really, ya'll, these kids are leaving their homes and staying in battered women's shelters - they could use all kinds of smiles and warm hugs.


Lise said...

Two caps on the way to you as of this morning; one is pink alpaca the other is rainbow colors.

Ann said...

Well, that settles it! Teddies from The Tree in sweaters from Me!


(and a prize, too)