Friday, December 1, 2006

Dig In

Okay, primitive as it may be, here goes the Knit for Kidlets blog. Seeing as how I've received mostly offers (though very generous and definitely welcomed) for prizes, it may be bold of me to overshoot my goal already but, if you didn't know that - then you don't know me, heh? I mean to say that this drive is primarily to provide knit hats, toys, scarves, mittens, etc. items for kids of any age to be given to children entering the domestic violence shelters and transitional housing in our area. However, should ya'll get over the holidays and get some madly rampant knit on - I will take any such crazy amounts of knitting to the local long-term hospital facilities for kidlets there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the generous offers of gifts for giveaways so far. I am still deciding how the prizes will be distributed. Some will be a drawing but I also would like to do some for 'particulars' like, first item donated, etc. If you've already left me a comment for donating a prize or item, you will be added to the list in (hopefully) a short amount of time. Until then, eager knitters can send their items to P.O. Box 12, Detroit Maine 04929.


Ann said...

I'm in (Rabbitch sent me)

edith said...

I will knit some items. I'm guessing they should be machine washable?

Julie said...

Damn woman, you are organized! Got the blog up already - good for you! So, are the items for the kidlets at the shelter going for Christmas presents or just to have at the shelter for them? I'll be starting my first item in a couple days - have a Tuesday birthday deadline for a second sock right now.

Sue said...

Hey Farm-Witch!!!
Great idea for donations.....I've been knitting hats cause they are easy and portable.
I'll send a few off next week to ya.
Thanks for doing Martha would say "it's a good thing" HA!!

No blog for me.........
Sue James
Pflugerville Tx