Sunday, December 24, 2006

the Prized Rules

PICT0011Well, I seem to be remaining true to my scatter-brained self with just organizing the prizes and all. We have until the 15 of January and I easily have enough prizes for two random drawings a week plus some 'special' giveaways. Such as, first package received, which will be going to Elisabeth in NJ. If you are a spinner, please note that somewhere as I have roving, stitch markers, yarn, and knitting needles (wooden, handmade by hubster) to give away. The prizes for last week, and much deserved for the lovely handspun, knitted hats and toys she sent along, goes to Liz and Shanti from way down in Texas (and the exact city I was born in - insert 'spooky' hollering here). Thanks so much for all the hats sent and the ones I have been too busy to open just yet!


sheila said...

Hi, just found your blog and I'd love to send some hats, and maybe a scarf for your Kids. Just received a huge stocking full of yarn for Christmas so I'm excited to get into it.

Lise Patterson said...

Blessed be -- I see my name in your blog, and both my little hats in your display. Two more hats going out to you tomorrow, too, because when you've got blessings to count, you might as well move your hands to the rhythm.